Saturday, June 25, 2022

That there is a sexy thyme plant!

Come on, tell me this isn’t a beautiful thyme plant?! That bitch is flossing today. I wish u could sniff your screen cause it smells so nummy! It’s very fragrant, but not at all like the classic oregano smell of earthy herbs. I love the smell of fresh thyme. 

Dude, I really wanna grow some mint and lemongrass. It’s not hard at all, ya just gotta wait for it and not give up on the little fuckers. If ya think about it, this crap grows wild everywhere, like up mountainsides and in sidewalk cracks like it’s nbd or whatever. Growing plants takes an immense amount of nothing and that’s a lot harder than you think it’d be. Watering what looks dead every couple of days and not seeing growth cause you’re looking every day can get kinda discouraging. Ya get the joy of seeing a lush upright plant, but the bulk of a grow cycle is babysitting the damn things. 

All kinds of crazy happens with my plants. The damn thyme is a zombie cause it burns up and comes right back. The Glories are my bad mamma jammas. The Cosmos are sweet stick-like aphid food. God, they draw gnats! The FMNs are just…Oh, now they got ants cause the aphids are ant food. Good, let the battle begin. Like I said, I found a snail with a shell on my FMN. Wtf, snail bro?! All dis grass and ya pick my sweet little flowers?! Why?

I want to repot my thyme in one big pot. Right now, I have the zinnia on my table, but I’m gonna switch that out for a wide shallow pot for my thyme. Bet me I won’t use a Tupperware with holes on the bottom! That’d be perfect cause thyme could continue to be bottom watered and I could see the soil a little bit to know when they’re getting root bound. We have to get Papa some treats from DT and Ray wants to stop by the smoke shop, so I’ll get my pot today.

Hey, I just saw a video where a lady took gladiolus bulbs and out em in water in a bowl for about 2 mos and then she planted them really deep in a container. I saw the corms in DT before, but idk what to do with them. They look like onions. They need about 8” between the topsoil and the corm itself to grow because they get very leggy and can topple over. Depth, almost never width, is very important to gladiolus. They actually take up very little room. You can plant the corm right up against another and they’ll grow with plenty of space. I’d like to get me 3 gladiolus corms for a buck and try em in one of my 3 gallon pots. I could just plant em maybe 2” off the bottom and that’ll give em about 7-8” upwards. I hope my store isn’t out of em today. 

Eventually, I’ll have to dome my herb(s) or bring them indoors. I may get a wand light for my kitchen shelf by November, but not some $200 T5 bullshit. I’m not paying that price for a damn desk lamp. If I order through Mars again, I’m going to call ahead and specifically reqiest that cannabis stickers be added to my order. I ordered a $400 light through their direct website and they didn’t send me stickers. I emailed to request them and they sent me a bunch of fucking jpg files to print myself, like I got a sticker maker or die cutter, I don’t fricken know how they make stickers. 

Let me explain my gripe. I collect stickers. I don’t peel em, I just like to look at em, like baseball cards. I read the little affirmations and admire their little accents. I just love stickers, especially when they’re a memory of an event or purchase. Maniology sent me a dozen cute ass little stickers with flowers and stuff on them. If I’m being honest, the stickers DO make me wanna run to their site and pick out more stuff. They changed their polish to half the original size and the clear stamper that came with the kit is now cloudy. However, I’m like, “Well yeah, they had to do cutbacks” cause they weren’t cheap when it came to advertising directly to me. They sent them stickers, didn’t they?! I forgive their cutbacks cause of a few sheets of logoed sticky paper. Bitch, I love stickers! 

Ok, time to break a wall and talk directly to you, reader. I hope you guys feel inspired to grab some gladiolus from DT and try sticking em in water for 2 months. I hope you think, “I can do better than her at gardening” cause I want you to find your peace in nature too, even if it starts with proving to yourself that you can do better than that ghetto little white girl who writes about flowers in her blog. That’s ok, we can exchange growing tips and literally flip the shit about cow dookie versus llama dookie. Yeah, there’s llamas around here too. I wonder if goat dookie is any good for plants. Maybe. They are four legged vultures. They eat everything. 

See, here’s the thing. I pray for people all the time without knowing who they are. Dude, I pray for you every day because I blog after my morning devotions to God. I pray for man with dreads around town to be safe as he roams, for all the babies and pets in the neighborhood to be safe when these cars fly though here, that the lady that was being nosy in Food Lion will learn to MYOB before God humbles her, and yeah I pray for the people who read my stuff. 

I’m your friend and I don’t even know you. I like to think you’re my friend even though you don’t know me. Ain’t that the best kind of friend? One ya ain’t gotta answer to or even be around? That’s my kind of friend! I will always pray for you to find inspiration to live a happy, successful, and productive life. At the least, I pray that you are entertained in reading my rants and raves. To each other, we are like air coming through one another’s life. I can’t see you, but I know you’re there and you too can say the same of me. 

Remember, even though I know nothing of you, I pray for you and wish you tons of positive vibes in your life. I’m always sending good vibes your way. Gosh, just tell me you’re doing better than I am lol. I’m a hot ass mess, but I almost never leave the house so it’s ok. I love you, reader. I love you like air. I love that you’re there to hear me out cause that’s the best friend-like thing you could do for me whether ya know me or not. Just hear me out. I don’t need to be fixed or corrected, just here. 

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